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Car Insurance Groups: An Overview
The term “car insurance groups” is used to refer to the suggested group numbers assigned to all car models by the Association of British Insurers that are based in the United Kingdom. Based on these numbers, car insurance companies are able to more accurately calculate the premium coverage for all the insurance policy packages that they offer their clients. You can opt to pay your chosen premium coverage monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the availability of these options.

What the Numbers Are For

These “suggested” insurance group numbers standardize the process of calculating insurance premiums among the various car insurance companies. These group numbers are critical for the clients not to feel cheated by their chosen insurance company. Hence, it is vital that you choose an insurance company that strictly incorporate the use of these rating for car insurance groups in estimating the premiums that their clients will be paying in the event that they enroll themselves in any of their insurance packages.

How These Numbers Are Computed

Being knowledgeable about how car insurance groups are evaluated and assessed will help you come up with an informed decision when it comes to choosing your car. Many factors and criteria are considered before finally a brand new car is given its rating and before it is actually launched out in the market. For many decades now, new cars and vehicles are given their respective group number depending on the rates and rankings they get, which should be a number between 1 and 20. Each car in group 1 belongs to the least feasible risk group, while those in group 20 are the top most feasible risk group. So if you have a smaller automobile running on fuel being designated as part of group 1, it will be sold the cheapest when it comes to insurance package; while a vehicle designated as part of group 20 will most likely be a high-end car that will be sold more expensively in terms of insurance coverage.

What Points Are Considered

There are various points that are taken into consideration before designating cars and vehicles their respective car insurance groups. The car maintenance feel almost always account for more than half of all the money for the insurance claims. Hence, these fixing charges are considered one of the major factors that determines to which insurance group a vehicle or car will belong to. Some of the other vital points that are considered in determining the group number for a particular car are the following:

Your vehicle’s make is a determinant for its insurance group rating. Well-known car companies include Isuzu, Ford, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, and Suzuki, just to name a few.
Your vehicle’s model will also matter. Ford, for example, has various car models like Aspire and Crown Victoria, and each of these car models will have its own insurance group rating.
Your vehicle type will also be considered. Whether your car is small or large, a sports or luxury car, it will be designated its very own insurance group rating as well.
The cubic capacity of your vehicle will likewise be considered such that a rise in your vehicle’s cubic capacity will mean higher mileage and higher grouping and, of course, a higher premium price.
Other points that are assessed to determine the car insurance groups ratings include the vehicle’s gearbox type, the door plan, the body type, and the fuel type.
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