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Everything You Need to Know About Car Insurance Groups
Car insurance groups and the rating is one of the main factors that will decide how much premium you would have to pay on your car. Basically, for every insurance customer, the company would decide the category in which he/she would fall based on ratings and group calculations. Understanding how these groups are calculated will provide you a better understanding of how much you would need to pay towards the insurance of your car.

How are these Calculated?

Learning how car insurance groups are normally calculated will help you make an informed decision about selecting your new car. There are several factors which decide the rating that any new car will get whenever it is introduced in the market. For several years the new cars had been designated to a particular group depending on the ranking that it received from 1 to 20. Any car in group 1 is a lowest possible risk group with 20 being the highest risk group. A small car running on petrol belonging to group 1 would be the cheapest in terms of insurance while a group 20 car would normally be a luxury car that will cost you quite a lot in terms of insurance.

Factors that Affect the Rating of a Car

There are several factors which decide the car insurance groups that most cars will fall into. The cost of car repairs will normally account for more than half of all the money that is normally paid for insurance claims. For this reason repairing costs are considered to be one of the main factors that will decide which group a particular car will fall into. Given below are some of the main factors that are considered while assigning ratings to a particular car:

• The price of a car
• Repairing costs for a car, including labor and parts after various standard tests are performed by a designated association
• Costs of body shell replacement for the car since these are very essential for various accidental repairs
• The performance of the car like top speed and acceleration are very important factors
• Security that a car offers. The shielded locks and standard alarm systems that may be installed by the manufacturers will reduce the claim amounts.

There are various groups in which the security of a car would be divided into. If the vehicle is acceptable or exceeds the normal security requirements, the amount that you would have to pay for insurance premium would be lower. However, unacceptable or provisional security features in a car would be considered high risk. Knowing the basic details about car insurance groups will provide you with a better understanding of what type of car you should select to enjoy lower insurance premiums.

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